• The causes of this congregation go back to the 1850s when the to a great extent Irish Catholic people group in Austin, (initially called "Waterloo"), constructed a little stone church named St. Patrick's at the intersection of ninth and Brazos Streets. It was worked of privately quarried limestone. The ward kept on developing, due in no little part to the expansion in German Catholics. In 1866, the area chose they required another congregation and could bear the cost of brick work construction.

    While the Irish favored that the congregation hold the name of St. Patrick, the German occupants trusted the new church would be committed to a supporter holy person who mirrored their legacy. The two sides bargained and concurred that the new church be named out of appreciation for Mary. In 1872, after Austin was made the lasting capital of the state, the area laid the cornerstone for another congregation picking an area one square north of the first structure.


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